Anil Kumar MR
Managing Director, SEG Automotive

Anil Kumar M R is the Managing Director and Regional President for Indian operations of SEG Automotive. Prior to this, he held similar responsibilities for the Bosch Group in the Starter Motors and Generators division since 2011. He is an Electronics Engineer and holds a Masters degree in Business Administration.

TOPIC: Transformation of the powertrain – A balanced view of the technologies
The transition from internal combustion engines to electric vehicles plays an important role in mitigating man-made climate change. However, this transformation will not take place suddenly, but gradually and that makes sense ecologically. Today, EVs are not yet generally beneficial for the climate. Over their lifetime they can save up to 65 percent CO2 (e.g. in Norway), or cause up to 30 percent more CO2 (e.g. in emerging markets), depending on the energy mix with which they are operated. This will improve only at a slow pace in the future. By 2040 only 31 percent of global energy will come from renewable sources. Major breakthroughs in battery technology are necessary.

There will not be a sudden shift from ICE to EVs. The previous 12V vehicles will be replaced by a combination of 48V hybrids and EVs, which are the best solution for climate change in various scenarios.