Viswanath B
Head, Engineering, Delphi-TVS

Viswanath B is an alumnus of both Annamalai University, and Imperial College, London, where he did his Masters in Advanced Mechanical Engineering. Now he is the Head of Engineering at Delphi TVS Diesel Systems Ltd. and its Technical Centre.

Topic: Trends and Challenges in Fuel Injection Systems for the future

India is on the cusp of major developments in the automotive domain. IC engines will continue for some time. It is also clear that electrification of the powertrain will happen. Availability of resources remains a major concern. Future trends are known but given these challenges, we need to come up with solutions that are unique to India. More importantly, we need to do it very quickly. His presentation will be an attempt to capture the trends and challenges in fuel injection systems going into the future.
Flexibility in injection control seems to be the dominant factor going forward. Aftertreatment management and control is gaining ground.
There will be a need to design systems to achieve higher reliability and protect against varying types of market usage.
India is pushing for frugal engineering thereby creating a need to design mechanical products for higher emission norms.
Variability in quality of fuel across the country and driving speeds make a big impact on adaptation.