Dr R Mahadevan
Director, India Pistons

Dr R Mahadevan is Director at India Pistons Limited and Director on the board of IP Rings Ltd., Simpson & Co. Ltd., AMCO Batteries and a few other Companies of the Amalgamations Group. He is a past President of SAE INDIA.

After graduating in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Madras in 1964, he obtained M Tech in Production Engineering & Technology from IIT Kharagpur, and PhD from IIT Madras, for his work on ‘Effect of in-cylinder modifications on emissions from IC engines.’
Topic: Challenges in Designing and Developing Nextgen IC Engines

The introduction of BS-VI in India by April 2020 and the push for electric mobility with the uncertainty about its penetration is throwing up unprecedented challenges to the IC engine manufacturers and their component suppliers. In formulating a response to these challenges, there should be a strategy for the short-to-medium term and another for the long term. It is also important to scan the opportunities that may be present in a future scenario when electric, autonomous and shared mobility will have a significant share of the market. This may call for redefining the present competence to look for some synergy with a potential business opportunity and If there is none, thinking out of the box to create new opportunities. In any case, exciting times are ahead for the engine component