Dr Christian Teich, Vice President
Head of Development and Application for Diesel Systems, Bosch Limited

Dr Christian Teich is the Vice President, Head of Development and Application for Diesel Systems, Bosch Limited, Bangalore. He is a doctorate in Nuclear Physics from the University of Goettingen, Germany.

His career spans over 19 years of professional experience in the Bosch World consisting of areas of Automotive Engineering, Sales and Product Management of Diesel Fuel Injection Equipment, Engine Control Units, Software and Exhaust Gas Treatment System development. During 2014-16 Dr. Teich served as Director and Head of Product Management for Exhaust Gas Treatment Systems in Stuttgart Germany. He was in India during 2011- 14 as the Department Head for Engineering and Diesel Fuel Injection Systems in Bosch Limited, Bangalore.

TOPIC: Role of Aftertreatment in accomplishing BS-VI

Dr Teich will talk on the increase in mobility demand, especially in India. He will touch upon the cost of mobility in terms of emissions, the role of BS-VI in reducing emissions of new vehicles with the introduction of DPF, and active NOx aftertreatment.
He will present how Bosch with its Diesel Platform demonstrator showcased that Diesel Powertrain has the potential to achieve lower emissions, and lower fuel consumption at affordable cost, and about the latest real-drive emission and fuel consumption results in EU that confirm the competitive potential of Diesel powertrain.